4 Reasons Why a Quick Move-In Home Could Be for You

If you've purchased a house before, you know it can be a time-consuming process. Not only can it take a while to find the right home for your needs, but once you get the process started, it can take weeks or months to close the deal. Unfortunately, if you're trying to move in a hurry (especially if you've just sold your current property), the common way to buy a home may take too long. 


One way to alleviate this problem is to purchase a quick move-in property. Unlike other types of housing, quick move-in homes are ready to go generally within a month of closing, or sometimes, as soon as the money clears! But what is a quick move-in home, and where can you find them? Let’s dive in!


What Is a Quick Move-In Home? 

Quick move-in homes are houses that are either ready or nearly ready for move-in—generally allowing you to close within as little as 30 daysinstead of the much longer timeline of building a home from the ground up. 


Developers and homebuilders often construct quick move-in homes to show as model homes to potential buyers. The builder will furnish a model home so people can see what options are available. These homes can showcase different floor plans, interior design, upgrades, and more.


What Makes a House Move-In Ready? 

Move-in ready homes are properties that are ready for immediate occupancy. This means that they have passed all necessary inspections. Although the details of these requirements can vary from one state or county to the next, a move-in ready home has passed every required inspection. 


The Difference Between a Quick Move-In and Move-In Ready Home 

As covered above, a move-in ready home is simply a quick move-in home that’s ready for immediate occupancy because it’s completed construction and passed all necessary inspections. Keep in mind that not all quick move-in homes are move-in ready and there may still be a short waiting period before the home you want is ready for occupancy. 


4 Benefits of Quick Move-In Homes 

If you're looking to buy a home and move into it quickly, a quick move-in home may be your best option. Here are the top four benefits of purchasing a quick move-in home!


 1. Availability 

Move-in ready homes and quick move-in homes are generally available for purchase and occupation almost right away, as compared to purchasing a new construction home that’s not yet under construction or only halfway through the build process. This can make these types of homes more desirable for individuals looking to move quickly.


2. Convenience

One of the biggest differences between buying new construction vs. buying pre-owned homes is the timeframe. When you purchase a move-in ready or quick move-in property, the time from finding the home to moving into the home can be faster. And since the house must be cleared for occupants by law, you don't have to waste time on lengthy assessments. For added convenience, you can even shop for your dream home online with us!


3. Pricing Transparency 

One of the top benefits of purchasing a quick move-in home is price transparency. In most cases, the price for these homes is fixed, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting into a bidding war with another buyer, which can quickly increase the price of the home. This first-come, first-served system can help eliminate some of the stress of buying a home in a buyer’s real estate market. With newly built quick move-in homes, typically the price is the price. 


4. Modern Amenities

Move-in ready and quick move-in homes often follow all the latest trends in home design. You get energy-efficient appliances, central heating and air, open-concept layouts, and sleek, modern kitchens. Many of our homes also include smart home technology!


Quick Move-In Homes May Be Perfect if You’re Looking for a Timely Solution 

Whether you’ve been searching for a brand-new home for a while or just getting started with your home search, quick move-in homes have their perks. Their availability, convenience, and pricing transparency take a lot of the guesswork out of purchasing a home, leading to an easier homebuying process and peace of mind. Additionally, having modern amenities makes upkeep much simpler than it would be with a pre-owned home. Overall, quick move-in homes are a boon for homebuyers who don’t want to go through the hassles of buying a pre-owned property. 


If you’re considering a move, we have a wide selection of quick move-in and move-in-ready properties that you can browse online. Once you find one you like, contact us and get the ball rolling—or secure it quickly using our streamlined online homebuying process. 

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