Explore the homebuying process

Whether it’s your first time buying a new home or you’re in need of a refresher for the next home purchase, we’re here to walk you through the process—ensuring that you’ll be prepared and informed every step of the way.



Get a no-strings-attached financial assessment

This no-commitment, knowledge-building exercise gives you insight into how much home you could probably afford, as well as which home loan type might be your best fit. All it requires is for a lender to take a snapshot of your finances and run a credit check. Prequalification is a powerful tool that will let you know exactly what steps you’ll need to take before you’re ready to purchase a home—if you’re not there already! It also establishes a relationship with a lender, which will come in handy later on when you need preapproval to purchase a particular home.

 Common homebuying myths

  • You need a 20% down payment.

     Actually, most buyers don’t. Some even qualify for zero-down loans.

  • You have to pay for everything.

     Maybe not. Several home loan types allow you to use a financial gift from family or friends toward your home purchase.

  • You need perfect credit.

     There wouldn’t be many homebuyers if this were the case. While exceptional credit is ideal, many buyers have no trouble qualifying for a home loan with good credit.


House hunt

Search on-site or online

Once you’ve prequalified and know your price range, you’re ready to go shopping. Depending on what’s most convenient for you, you could browse online, tour communities in person, or a combination of both! This is the time to put together your wish list of everything you’d want in your dream home.

 Potential wish-list items

  •  Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

  •  Number of stories

  •  Proximity to work, school and amenities

  •  Space for a home office

  •  How quickly you hope to move



Make a preliminary commitment to buy

One of the great advantages of new home construction is that it’s first-come, first-served. As long as you’re a qualified buyer, the house is yours if you’re the one who got there first. When you’ve found a home that checks the right boxes, you’ll want to act fast to get it under contract—ensuring that no other buyer can swoop in and buy it out from under you.

 Contracting considerations

  •  Home loan preapproval

  •  Earnest money deposit

  •  Building timeline

  •  Avoiding major transactions before closing, like purchasing a car or large furniture



Put a bow on it and grab the keys… you’re a new homeowner!

This is your big day to sign final paperwork and breathe a sigh of satisfaction, because you’ve officially bought a home. And whether it’s your first house, or one of several, the feeling never gets old. You’ll also love the peace of mind that comes with a new home warranty, providing coverage on major items and repairs.

 Closing considerations

  •  Down Payment

  •  Closing costs

  •  Homeowners insurance

  •  Moving arrangements

  •  Change of address

How we make it easy

We've got your homebuying needs covered with two industry-leading homebuilding brands. 

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Purchase a to-be-built home

If you’re looking to pick your homesite and build from the ground up—personalizing your floor plan with structural and design options along the way—our flagship brand is for you.
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Purchase a quick move-in home

If you’re in need of something on a faster timeline, both of our brands give you the option to purchase a quick move-in home—with Century Complete offering streamlined single-family homes at a more affordable price, and Century Communities offering everything from quick move-in single-family homes to townhomes and condos.
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Buy online

Available homes from both homebuilding brands offer our industry-first “Buy Now” option—allowing you to purchase your new home completely online! Learn more arrow icon
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More ways to streamline

Our affiliate companies allow you to make the process even easier, offering everything from in-house mortgage financing to title and insurance services. With everything under the same roof, you’ll enjoy a more seamless experience that allows you to focus more on the excitement of buying your dream home.

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Homebuyer Resources


Our New Home Specialists are standing by to help you with everything from prequalification to finding the right home in your area of interest.