What to Look for When Buying a Home Online

Looking for homes online is its own adventure, offering the ultimate in homebuying convenience—shop wherever you are, any time of day or night—and a large selection of properties to choose from.  

Of course you can still hit the road and check out houses with your real estate agent in person. (It's not one or the other.) But thanks to our industry-first online homebuying process, you don't HAVE to leave the comfort of your current home or shop within sales hours to lock in the home of your dreams.

Tips for Online Homebuyers

If you’re planning to buy a house online, here are some tips on what aspects of the house-hunting process to focus on: 

Look for Detailed Property Information 

Since you may not be physically inspecting the property when buying a home online, it's important to ensure the listing has comprehensive information on the floor plan, square footage, features and location. This information will help you determine whether the home you’re considering is right for you. Many buyers also enjoy checking out a home in person and then later purchasing it online once they’ve made the decision to buy.


Use Virtual Tours, Photos & Renderings

When buying a home online, virtual tours and high-quality imagery or renderings become all the more important. These will give you a clear understanding of the property's layout, features, and overall appeal. 

Read Homeowner Reviews 

Before making a final decision, read homeowner reviews or testimonials from other buyers. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the reliability, customer service, and overall satisfaction of the buying process.

Review the Buying Process 

It's always helpful to get an understanding of a new process before diving in. So, what is the online homebuying process like? We cover the steps in detail here.

Graphic with online homebuying steps


What are the Requirements for Buying a Home Online? 

Fortunately, buying a property from an online homebuying platform comes with all the same requirements as purchasing it the traditional way: You'll still need to sign a contract and submit an earnest money deposit, then work toward securing a home loan, offering a down payment, and completing other aspects of the closing process.


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