Modern Farmhouse Exteriors: Home Designs As Timeless as They Are Trendy

Modern farmhouse exteriors are everywhere, offering a sought-after blend of rustic charm and contemporary appeal. Modern farmhouse style is far from a flash in the pan, proving its ongoing appeal and versatility since it exploded in popularity, thanks to HGTV icons Joanna and Chip Gaines. In the duo’s “Fixer Upper” TV show, viewers saw how country elements can be combined with current designs to create a look that’s as classic as it is sophisticated.


Traditional farmhouses harken back to the 1700s, with very simplistic designs. Modern farmhouse exteriors, however, incorporate of-the-moment styles and chic accents, making for unique, eye-catching designs.  


We collected 10 of our favorite examples of modern farmhouse exteriors, showcasing classic craftsmanship and fashionable detailing. Whether youre house-hunting or just daydreaming, they’re sure to inspire!  


Dramatic Contrast Farmhouse Exterior 

Dramatic Contrast  


Floor plan: Bristol 
Community: Aurora
City: Katy, TX


Contrasting trim is a great addition to a modern farmhouse, adding visual interest to an exterior that stands out from the crowd.   


Here’s why we love this home: 

  • Dark accents against a classic white exterior  
  • Main gable roof with striking vertical detailing  
  • Numerous windows 
  • Modern flat design on dormers 

Slanted and Gable Roofs Farmhouse Exterior

Slanted and Gable Roofs 


Floor plan: Greenfield  
Community: Dawson Grove 

City: Dawsonville, GA


One of the most recognizable aspects of a modern farmhouse is the gable-style roof, visible in every design. At their most traditional, these roofs will be set at 45angles; in modern farmhouse exteriors, there are no rules!  


Here’s why we love this home: 

  • Classic gable roofs 
  • Warm neutral exterior  
  • Wood shutters as an accent  
  • Board and batten siding  

Monochromatic with White Accents Farmhouse Exterior

Monochromatic with White Accents


Floor plan: Pinion 
Community: Trinity Ranch 

City: Elgin, TX


Staying with one color emphasizes the classic design of this farmhouse exterior, while white accents add fresh style.  


Here’s why we love this home: 

  • Inviting neutral palette 
  • Grey paint and white trim layered for a cohesive design 
  • Three gable roofs  

Mixed-Materials Farmhouse Exterior 

Mixed Materials 


Floor plan: Avery 
Community: University Village 

City: San Antonio, TX


More and more modern farmhouses are utilizing mixed materials, like the brick with board and batten siding seen here. The result is an eye-catching blend of classic and contemporary farmhouse styles.  


Here’s why we love this home: 

  • Variety of materials used for a stylish design 
  • Contrast between colorful exterior and white trim 
  • Unique exterior detailing  
  • Layered gable roofs  

Classic Farmhouse Exterior with a Welcoming Front Porch

Classic Farmhouse With a Welcoming Front Porch  


Floor plan: Primrose
Avery Centre

City: Round Rock, TX 


Here’s one of our favorite farmhouse design traits: an inviting porch! A front porch is a key aspect of modern farmhouses, beckoning guests to come and stay a while.  


Here’s why we love this home:  

  • Roomy front porch  
  • Mixed gable and flat roofs  
  • Warm neutral exterior  

Single-Story Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Single-Story Modern Farmhouse


Floor plan: Barbara 
Community: Ambergrove  

City: Royse City, TX


Modern farmhouse design works just as well in ranch plans, highlighting their distinctive style.  


Here’s why we love this home: 

  • Multiple gable roofs  
  • Fresh white trim around sliding doors 
  • Distinctive entryway  

Classic White Farmhouse Exterior

Classic White Farmhouse  


Floor plan: Glenville  
Community: Ramsay Cove 

City: Owens Cross Roads, AL


White farmhouses are the epitome of traditional, and you can see why they’re popular. All-white exteriors lend an air of crisp appeal to your home.  

Here’s why we love it: 

  • Gable roofs on each side of the home  
  • Vertical board and batten siding
  • Brick to create a striking accent

Black and White Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Black and White Modern Farmhouse  


Floor Plan: Lexington
Barrett Crossing 

City: Crosby, TX


This style is a long-time favorite, and it deserves a prime spot on our list. This exterior mixes fresh white paint with dramatic black trim, creating a stately, yet modern look.    


Here’s why we love this home: 

  • Fresh white color scheme with black trim  
  • Clean lines and dramatic glass windows 
  • Welcoming front patio  

Warm Neutral Modern Farmhouse Exterior  

Warm Neutral Modern Farmhouse  


Floor plan: Paige  
Community: Stallion Run

City: Buda, TX 



A warm-hued exterior and a front porch lend country charm to this attractive modern farmhouse.  


Here’s why we love this home:  

  • Large gable roof mixed with flat roofs 
  • Front porch  
  • Modern front door with horizontal glass 

Modern Farmhouse Exterior with Contrasting Trim

Modern Farmhouse Exterior with Contrasting Trim  


Floor plan: Santiago

Community: Eastwood at Sonterra 

City: Jarrell, TX


A dark trim makes this farmhouse design truly shine. Batten and board blends with light brick to create visual interest.  


Here’s why we love this home: 

  • Stacked gable roofs  
  • Mixed stone accents  
  • Vertical and horizontal siding 
  • Contrasting garage  

Modern Farmhouse Exteriors Are Here to Stay 


There it isa lineup of some of our favorite modern farmhouse exteriors. From classic gable roofs to contemporary detailing and materials, these exteriors incorporate both traditional elements and modern design for fantastic results!  


Dream homes come in all designs and styles. Find yours today!