What Is a Flex Room? 10 Ideas for Your Bonus Space

Do you work from home, or are you a fitness fanatic? Maybe you have taken on a new hobby. If so, you might benefit from a flex room. Such a multi-purpose room can serve various functions, including hosting your next movie night, energizing you for work, or providing loved ones a restful night’s sleep.


Keep reading to learn more about flex rooms and discover 10 creative ways to elevate your home’s bonus space. Who knows? Your flex room just might become your favorite hangout. 


What Is a Flex Room?

Flex rooms are extra rooms in a house that can serve multiple purposes. Sometimes referred to as flex space, hobby rooms, or bonus rooms, flex rooms are highly flexible and allow homeowners to customize their space as they see fit. Today, many homebuilders design floor plans with an extra room (commonly labeled as a spare bedroom) that future homeowners can use as a flex space.


Flex rooms can grow with a homeowner through different life stages and as their needs change. For example, a homebuyer expecting a new baby could modify their flex space into a nursery and then modify the space once again as the child grows. 

The customization opportunities are endless. 


10 Ideas to Customize Your Flex Space

From music rooms perfect for midweek jam sessions to stylish book nooks that encourage readers to turn the page, flex rooms can do it all. Here are 10 flex room ideas you can use as inspiration to create your dream room. 


century communities home office

1. Home Office

Part of the work-from-home craze? Grab a spacious desk and comfortable chair and transform your flex space into an energizing home office. You can also add bookshelves and other furniture to customize your office space as you see fit. 


Consider paying extra attention to the wall opposite your desk to give your video calls some added flare. Thoughtful pictures, sports memorabilia, or personal awards are all terrific ideas. 


Make your #WFH life even better with these additional home office setup tips!


home theater

2. Movie Room

Calling all movie buffs and film nerds! Transforming your flex room into a home theater is easy with the help of a crystal-clear television, immersive sound bar, and comfy seating. IKEA®, Target®, and other retailers also sell media shelves perfect for storing your film collection if you're a die-hard fan of physical media.


Are you looking to splurge a little? A popcorn machine, mini fridge, or snack shelf could make tasty additions. Be careful, though, or your friends might never leave.


home library

3. Library 

Picture this: You just got home from a long day at work. You pour a drink and dive into a compelling book in your cozy home library.


What could be better than that? Well, don’t just dream of a home library. Use your flex space to make your dreams a reality. 


Many of the best home libraries include warm lighting, comfortable lounging options, and plenty of book storage. The exact reading matter you choose to fill your shelves with is up to you. 


fitness room

4. Exercise Room

Eliminate the need to drive to the gym and achieve all your fitness goals right at home in your bonus room. Whether you prefer yoga, weightlifting, or simply need space for your stationary bike, creating a home gym is a great way to make the most of a flex room and avoid expensive membership fees.


The usual home gym equipment includes exercise mats, resistance bands, ankle weights, kettlebells, and any other items you need to power through your workouts. 


home play room

5. Playroom

Give your children space to laugh and play (and get out all their energy) by transforming your bonus room into a fun playroom. You can paint and decorate the space to match your children’s taste and add storage compartments for toys or a colorful table for arts and crafts.


Warning: getting your kids into bed might get more challenging!


craft room

6. Craft Room

Speaking of arts and crafts, what about your jewelry-making business, needleworking interest, or newfound pottery hobby? If you have a flex room in your house, turning it into an organized craft room might elevate your hobby into a full-blown passion or be the spark you need to refuel a dormant obsession.


home game room

7. Game Room

Satisfy your billiards, arcade, or video game craving by elevating your flex space into the perfect game room. If video games are your favorite (or you have an extra-large bonus room), consider a hybrid movie-game room. The same furniture we suggested in a movie room could be suitable for creating a creative gaming space.


If you're fond of poker nights or board games, adding a spacious table and storage for all your cards, chips, and favorite games might be a great addition.


home music room

8. Music Room 

Easy into some slow jazz, or turn up the amp and bust out a guitar solo in your flex room turned music room. Consider purchasing specialized wall mounts for your instruments, adding a few seats for your biggest fans, and leaving plenty of space for your entire band to move with the music. With a quick makeover, your flex space is now your dream music room!


home meditation room

9. Meditation Room

Instead of turning up the noise in a music room, how about crafting the perfect Zen sanctuary? Transforming your bonus space into a meditation room is easy with the help of yoga mats, white noise machines, fragrance diffusers, and essential oils. You’ll also have plenty of space to bust out a few yoga poses or get in a quick post-meditation workout if you so choose.


guest bedroom

10. Guest Bedroom

Sure, all these creative ideas are great, but sometimes, the best use of a flex room is simply the most obvious: a guest bedroom. Having a dedicated guest room will allow you to host friends and parents when they are in town for the holidays. You can also use your extra bedroom as a quiet escape on nights when your significant other won’t stop snoring.


Finding a Home with a Flex Room

Unlike NFTs and hoverboards, flex rooms live up to the hype. Who doesn’t want a home theater, game room, or personal gym in their home? No matter what you choose to do with the space, having a flex room will allow you to make the most out of your home.


Here at Century Communities, many of our properties include flexible entertainment and living spaces, perfect for creating your dream flex space. If you’re in the market for a new home, check out our available homes in your area using our find your home feature.


Flex Room FAQ


What is a flex room in a house? 

Flex rooms are versatile bonus spaces that can serve multiple purposes. Homeowners commonly redesign these multipurpose rooms into game rooms, movie rooms, music rooms, fitness spaces, home offices, and other creative spaces. 


What should I do with my flex room?

Flex rooms empower homeowners to make the most of their extra space. You should turn your flex room into a space that allows you to enjoy your home more. Your perfect room might include a designated space for immersing yourself in a hobby, spending time with friends, or hosting extended relatives. 


What can a flex room be used for? 

You can design your flex room for a variety of purposes and even repurpose the room over time as your life, hobbies, or needs change. Consider turning your flex room into a home gym, WFH office, meditation space, home theater, or game room to make the most out of your home’s bonus space.

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