How To Prepare for a Move

Wondering what to do to prepare for a move? Don’t let a laundry list of to-dos overpower this exciting life change! To help your moving process be as easy and stress-free as possible, we’ve compiled a few key steps on how to put the right foot forward and make a successful transition to your new home!

Step 1: Find Your Dream Home

You can’t start the moving process without having an end location! With a versatile selection of single-family homes, condos and townhomes in prime locations across the country, we make it easy to find your dream home.

Step 2: Get Organized

With all the scheduling, coordinating and filing needed throughout the moving process, organization can be the best way to prepare for a move. Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to stay organized:

Create a Moving Binder: A moving binder is perfect for keeping all your documents, schedules and necessities in one place.

Print Out a Moving Checklist: Search online for a moving checklist that works for you. This checklist will keep you on track and ensure you don’t miss anything along the way.

Create a Timeline: When it comes to moving, we recommend breaking up the process into smaller weekly projects. By doing so, your move will seem more manageable.

Step 3: Find Professionals You Want to Work With

With experienced professionals, your moving process is likely to be fast, efficient and hassle-free. Here are a few services where finding the right professional can have a major impact:

Moving Company: Have questions like, “How to prepare a house for a move?” or “How to prepare a fridge for a move?” A moving company will have all the answers! Once you decide on a moving budget, it is important to find the right movers for you.

Depending on your budget and move, movers can handle packing and loading your belongings, along with driving them to your new home and unloading everything. Keep in mind that it’s important to find experienced and qualified movers. Make sure to check references, reviews and do research on hidden costs.

Mortgage Company: A loan officer will assist new homebuyers in choosing a loan product that’s right for them and assist in the application process. For example, our affiliate, Inspire Home Loans, will guide you through each step of prequalifying for, applying for, getting approved for, and closing on a loan to finance your new home purchase.

Cleaning Company: One of the easiest ways to lower stress in the moving process is by hiring a cleaning company. Cleaning companies often offer Move-Out and Move-In cleaning services. Move-Out cleanings make your home look spotless for prospective buyers. If you’re currently renting, a Move-Out cleaning also helps the possibility of getting your deposit returned in full. A Move-In cleaning will guarantee that your new home is spotless as you move in, starting your new chapter on a great note.

Step 4: Tie Up Loose Ends

Don’t let any loose ends fall between the cracks! Here are a few of the most common tasks new homebuyers forget about:

Transfer Utilities and Cancel Subscriptions:  Transferring utilities from one home to another makes for a seamless move! Setting up your cable, electric and other accounts before moving certifies that you can turn on the lights and cook a homemade meal the first night in your new home. Also make sure to cancel any subscriptions you’re no longer using to avoid any unwanted charges.

Cats & Dogs: While we’re busy moving, our pets are busy wondering what’s going on! Make sure to keep your four-legged companions top of mind during the moving process.

  • Preparing Cats for a Move: Make sure to have your cat’s paperwork up to date prior to moving and ask your primary vet to send any files to your new vet’s office. It’s also important to have your cat in a safe location during the move. Many movers will keep their cat crated in a quiet room to help them remain calm, happy and safe. Once in their crate, it’s also easy to load them into the car!

  • Preparing Dogs for a Move: Make sure your dog’s paperwork is up to date before you move. At a final check-up, ask your primary vet to forward any files to your new vet’s office. During the move, make sure your dog is away from the action. Dropping your dog at a kennel for moving day is a great way to keep your dog occupied and safe.

File Important Documents: You don’t want to realize that you lost your passport after you’ve moved to a new home! Spend a day before moving filing your and your family’s personal documents. This will help ease the moving process and avoid any upsetting realizations in your new home.

USPS Mail Change: The United States Postal Service makes it easy to update your address and set up your forwarding address, all online. By doing this before your move, no letter will be left unread.

Step 5: Spend Time with Loved Ones

In the stress of moving, people often pass on opportunities to be with loved ones. From family and friends to close neighbors, it’s important to enjoy those you’ve grown close to before leaving the area. When saying goodbye, make sure to share your new address with any relationships you wish to continue after you’re moved into your new home.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Exciting New Chapter

Moving is a unique and wonderful experience. Whether you’re moving for work, retirement, pleasure or anything else, enjoy your move and welcome your new chapter with open arms!