Top 10 Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

No matter who it’s for, housewarming gifts are always appreciated. They can help new homeowners in your life transition into their space and even feel more at home. That said, if you want your gift to be more meaningful, you need to take time to come up with the best options. Fortunately, we compiled a list of the top 10 ideas to help you get started!


The Essence of Gifting 

The act of gift-giving to help someone move into their new home dates back to medieval times. Back then, the idea was more literal, with friends and neighbors bringing firewood to help warm the house from the inside. However, food and other types of gifts were also common, and the practice has stuck around for centuries. 


These days, housewarming gifts are far more detailed than in years past, but the sentiment remains the same. The purpose of your gift is not only to help the person move into their new abode but also to provide them with fond memories.  


Top 10 Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners 

Everyone has different tastes and needs, so what may be a great gift for one person might not work for another. So, what's considered a thoughtful gift? Typically, thoughtful gifts for new homeowners are suited to their interests, and it helps if the present is useful in their daily routine. Here are some housewarming gift ideas to get you started! 


  1. Digital Bulletin BoardWhile there's nothing wrong with a regular bulletin board, it can't send notifications whenever it's updated. Additionally, digital versions make it easy to have multiple pages or lists without making the board too crowded.
  2. Dual Phone Charger/LightEveryone needs a phone charger these days, but why not add some panache to the occasion? Dual chargers make for a great practical gift. One example is a desk lamp with a charging port built-in, but there are tons of unique options available.
  3. Personalized SignageUnique home decor and personalized new home gifts don’t get much better than a sign with a name or slogan on it. You can also tailor the sign to match their interests. For example, if the recipient has a game room, the sign can focus on gaming, bowling, or sports.

  4. Personalized GlasswareGlasses are things you don't really think about until you need them for hosting guests and entertaining. As such, a set of personalized glassware can be both exciting, special, and practical.

  5. Countertop ComposterWhy toss fruit rinds and vegetable stems in the trash when there's a composting bin right on the countertop? Not only is this product convenient, it makes it easier to reduce food waste—perfect for your eco-conscious friend!
  6. Reusable Food-Saving LidsInstead of breaking out tin foil or plastic wrap, your recipient can use stretchable silicone lids. These lids work well with virtually any container, and they're easy to clean.
  7. Digital Food ScaleThis scale can measure weights and sizes (i.e., tablespoons and half-cups), enabling the user to follow recipes faster and easier than ever before.
  8. All-In-One Cutting BoardCutting boards are pretty low-tech, but what about a model with a tray for food waste, extendable arms to stretch over the sink, and even drawers to hold different ingredients?
  9. One Cup Espresso Maker—For coffee lovers, nothing’s better than being able to make a high-quality cappuccino or a latte at home. Consider getting them a small, one-cup espresso maker with a milk steamer to keep them going. They’re surprisingly compact and affordable!
  10. Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerSpa days are better when you can listen to soothing music in the bath or shower. Bonus points if the speaker can attach to the wall. 

 Bonus idea: If you want to bring out all the stops for your gift, combine several of the above ideas in a housewarming gift basket. You can also spice up your basket with bottles of wine or olive oil, a throw blanket, and homemade hand soap.


Personalized Housewarming Gifts: Make Your Gift More Meaningful 

Before fulfilling any housewarming gift ideas for your intended recipient, it's a good idea to take extra time and make the experience more meaningful. Some ways to do that include: 

  • Add a Personal Touch—Giving a gift with a handwritten card or handmade wrapping can infuse the item with some of your personality and show you care. 
  • Get Creative—Try to think outside the “basket” and consider gifts that your recipient may not know about or think of normally. Then, your gift will be more memorable and may even be more practical than you realize. 

 Any Housewarming Gift Will Help New Homeowners Settle Into Their Space 

Personalization and practicality are paramount when selecting a thoughtful housewarming gift, but honestly, any gift will help make a new homeowner feel more at home. With options ranging from digital bulletin boards to personalized glassware and eco-friendly kitchen accessories, there are numerous ways you can help a homeowner with their transition into a new space. Ultimately, the tradition of housewarming gifts helps foster a sense of care and connection.


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