A Homeowners Guide to Seasonal Maintenance

You've heard of spring cleaning, but what about the other seasons?

To ensure your home stays in tip-top shape, here are some great ways to maintain your home in every season.



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With beautiful summer weather comes more opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. To get the most out of your outdoor living spaces, take some time to care for your decks, patios and porches. Clean, refurbish or replace any outdoor furniture. Plus, take advantage of the warmer weather to wash your home siding and replace leaky roof shingles—both great ways to maintain a functional home as well as up your curb appeal. Make sure to hire a pro for any potentially dangerous roof activity.

Also on account of the weather and longer days, you’ll want to check—and if necessary replace—your AC filter. This will not only improve the quality of the air you breath, but also reduce the overall wear and tear on your AC unit. Finally, summer is a great time to double-check your dishwasher and other household appliances for leaks and broken parts.


Leaf IconWith crisper air, changing trees and crunchy leaf piles, fall is an exceptionally pretty time of year. Raking the yard, cleaning out the gutters, and pruning back plants are easy ways to keep your yard functioning well and looking good during autumn months.

And with winter coming, now is a good time to store or cover your outdoor furniture and appliances. Near the end of fall, you’ll likely find yourself spending more time inside, so make sure to inspect your air ducts and replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries around the house.



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If you live in an area with freezing temps, you know that winter can bring as much trouble as it does fun. Double-check that all your pipes are covered to prevent them from freezing over and bursting. And now that you’ll be staying inside more to keep warm, changing your furnace filters and cleaning your chimney/fireplace will help keep your home clean and safe. Lastly, winter maintenance means checking and sealing all drafty areas with caulk or weather stripping to keep the cold air out!



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The sun is back and the snow is melting—well, most of the time. It’s time to get out and clean your gutters, wash your windows, fertilize your lawn, and reseal any cracks in your sidewalk and driveway. Alongside these typical spring cleaning activities, it’s also recommended that you service your air conditioning unit and seal any doors and windows.


Remember that year-round maintenance is key to keeping your house functioning the way it should, and so that you get out in front of maintenance problems before they get too big.


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