2022 Home Design Trends

Four months in and this year's home design trends are already coming into focus.

While 2021 was full of blues, bold lighting, pastels and vibrant designs, 2022 has come out of the gate with its own distinctive vibe—while still retaining some of the burgeoning trends we saw take form last year. It’s not quite halfway through the year and we’re already seeing an increase in brown accents, nature-inspired interiors and a continued rise in multi-purpose spaces.

Check out the styles we're seeing in home design this year!

Welcoming foyer—with a wooden accent wall and modern painting—leading to an open-concept living area.



Did you know people associate brown with strength and reliability? Boasting earthy tones and a feeling of security, brown is a perfect neutral and quickly becoming one of the top colors of 2022 home design. But make sure to keep it all in balance, as too much brown can easily overpower a room, making it feel dark and isolated from the rest of the home.

How to Incorporate This Trend:
Accent Walls, Backsplash, Floors, Furniture, Cabinets


Bright foyer space featuring a vibrant green plant and large mirror.



After a prolonged period of uncertainty and isolation, it’s no surprise homeowners have turned to nature-inspired design to restore a sense of calm. A natural aesthetic indoors has been known to increase mood, energy and overall well-being. Also known as biophilic design, we’re seeing an uptick in nature-themed wallpaper, indoor plants, earth-toned paint colors and upgraded outdoor living spaces. In our increasingly eco-conscious world, don’t be surprised if this trend sticks around.

How to Incorporate This Trend:
Botanical Wallpaper, Earth-Toned Paint, Indoor Plants


A collage of multi-use spaces—including a office/kitchen, office/study, loft/game room and a office/at-home gym.



With a lot of us working from home, working out at home, crafting at home, reading at home—and of course living at home!—it’s no surprise that homes offering multi-purpose spaces are still on the rise.

How to Incorporate This Trend:
Combined Kitchen and Great Room, Combined Office and Home Gym, Combined Laundry and Craft Room, Combined Loft and Home Workspace


Stunning kitchen island with a focus on a modern sink and green plant. Elegant dining area in background with abstract painting.


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