Helping to Build Your Home Value—in More Ways Than One

Do you ever wonder what makes your home, well, your home?

Is it the stovetop you make your kids' meals on when they come running in from soccer practice? Is it the nightstand by the bed that your partner always shoves their book onto as they drift off into sleep? Is it the spacious bathtub you call upon as your sanctuary after a long day?

Home is not just your address; it's more than a place to hang your hat. A Century Communities home is so much more. Our homes are made not only with bricks and slab, but also with family values and traditions. Home is a stage for witnessing the future memories of your life – a story played by the cast members who mean the absolute most to you.

What Century Communities builds is much more than shelter. One of our recent homeowners, Brady Hill, provided the perfect reminder of this. For Brady, home is where he'll create memories and instill values in his children.

As if the holidays aren't emotional enough, our hearts have officially fallen to the floor in light of this father of two. For Brady Hill, a proud homeowner in our Midtown community in Denver (and future “Dad of the Year” winner if we do say so ourselves), what makes his family's new home unique is literally written onto the walls. That's right – you read that correctly.

While Century Communities was building his townhome, he had the urge to add his own touch and truly make the family's new home special. During a walkthrough of his partially constructed home, Brady decided to write a few messages that represent the type of family his new, impending house will hold, permanently scribing on the wall between his two children's bedrooms.

Strength. Knowledge. Acceptance. Love. Family.

Brady drew each in bold font so that his children will grow up always knowing that what lies behind their walls is literally the foundation of what their family strives to represent.

As a homebuilder, we are so proud to see the same qualities we value reflected in our homeowners. Buying a brand new home is one of the most significant and special purchases ever made, and it allows our homeowners to truly build the home of their dreams. Our homes are where our homeowners' families will be raised, where their children will grow, where they will return to after each workday, where they will share holidays with families and friends.

Thank you, Brady Hill, for helping us all here at Century Communities to pause for a moment and appreciate what we have in this life. Your kiddos are lucky to have you, and we are lucky to have your trust in us. It is so special to see our homeowners capitalize on how special it is to buy a new home and use it to really touch base with what's important in this life.

The best part? Brady even signed off on a plank with a big ole' “Love, Dad '16.”

Mic drop, Brady Hill. Mic drop.

Happy holidays, everyone!