Earth Day🌎

Earth Day is coming up! In honor of the global eco-holiday, we’re sharing sustainable living practices that you can integrate into every room throughout your house during the month of April.


In the Kitchen 🍽️Casual dining area that flows into a stunning kitchen with center island and white accent wall.
Did you know that you can fight climate change with diet change?

You don’t have to go vegan to make a difference. By occasionally replacing beef with chicken, you have the ability to cut your carbon footprint in half! Choosing to purchase meat, dairy and eggs from an ethical source is another huge plus.


In the Bathroom 🚿

Pristine en-suite bath with dual vanities, standing tub and access to a roomy walk-in closet.
The bathroom is the perfect place to save water and cut down on your footprint!
Check out these simple ways to save water in your bathroom:

💧 Shorten your shower time

💧 Turn water off when brushing your teeth

💧 Save cold water from the beginning of your shower to water house plants

💧 Keep an eye out for drips or leaks

💧 Hang and reuse towels to avoid excess laundry


In the Bedroom 🛏️

Generous owner’s suite with grey accent wall, white bedding, large windows and a seating area.
Seasonal bedding is one of the easiest ways to save energy in the bedroom. With the weather starting to warm up, pack heavy bedding away and pull out your spring/summer sheets! By alternating bedding, you won’t have to fuss with your thermostat—saving you energy and money.


In the Laundry Room 🧺

Large laundry room with matching white washer and dryer, brown cabinets and sink.
For an eco-friendly load of laundry, wash with cold water rather than hot. Believe it or not, this can cut a load’s energy use by at least half! To save even more energy, make sure to run full loads, use the high-speed spin cycle, and dry heavy cottons separately!  


In the Great Room 📺
Charming great room with plenty of sitting space, a green accent wall, house plants and mounted television.
If you need inspiration or want to learn more about how you can make a difference, check out your favorite streaming service for dozens of great viewing options about the planet and sustainable living!


Throughout the House ☀️A collage of four photos showcasing natural light throughout a stunning Colorado home.
Do you make use of natural light in your home?

By reducing artificial light sources, you can easily help to conserve energy—and cut down on your electrical bill! An added perk: natural light is proven to make your home healthier, fresher and brighter!


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