Advantages of Buying a New Home in Texas vs. Renting

The advantages of buying a new home in Texas can vastly outweigh the short-term conveniences of renting. Read on to learn how—then let us guide you through the homebuying journey to find your Texas dream home!

Advantage #1: Financial Stability
Homeowners with a fixed-rate mortgage know their monthly principal and interest payment amount throughout the entire term of their mortgage. With more predictable housing payments, homeowners can enjoy a greater sense of financial stability, benefiting from a stable living space without the worry of rent increases or expiring leases.

Advantage #2: Tax Advantages
As a new homeowner, you may also qualify for tax deductions to receive money back on your tax returns.

Advantage #3: Community Relationships
Owning a home allows you to build long-lasting relationships in your community. People get to know their neighbors and local businesses better when they are able to settle down and plant roots for the long-term.

What are the benefits of buying a new home in Texas?

Texas has many things to offer new home buyers, including a booming economy, an affordable cost of living, big-city amenities, and abundant outdoor recreation.

If you're on the market, purchasing a new construction home in Texas comes with a number of additional advantages:

  • Everything Brand New
    A brand-new construction home means nothing’s been used before and won’t need fixing up prior to move-in. Pre-owned homes often come with projects, renovations, or updates that are not worked into the upfront cost of your home purchase. You also won’t have to worry about major issues like roof leaks or foundational problems before moving into your new home.

  • New Home Warranty Protection
    Many new construction homes—including from Century Communities—include a home warranty policy, protecting you from covered issues that may arise after you move in.

  • Top Amenities
    New home communities often come with amenities, like fitness centers, community pools, and dog parks—providing improved quality of life for residents.


Model home in Tomball, TX

What are the drawbacks of renting in Texas?

  • Rising Rent
    Texas currently has no rent control policy. This means landlords can set rent to whatever they want it to be once your lease is up for renewal. With rental prices across the country rising, buying a house can be a smart financial decision that protects you from unexpected rent increases.

  • Lack of Stability
    Lease terms can change with every renewal. If the leasing party is looking to sell their rental property, you as the renter could be displaced. In addition, if rising rental prices don’t fit your budget, you could be forced to move.

  • Limited to No Personalization
    When renting, you can only personalize so much depending on what restrictions your landlord has in place. But with a new home, you can decorate the interior however you wish—in addition to putting your own style to your landscaping and outdoor living areas.    


Find Your New Home in Texas

By buying a new home in Texas, you get to put your money toward a home you own rather than toward rising rents. As one of the top new home builders in Texas, we offer new construction homes throughout the Lone Star State—including the Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio metro areas.

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