2019 Spring Décor Trends

Spring is here and it's the perfect time to update your décor! Don't know where to start? Try these few home décor ideas that will leave your home fresh and new this spring!

#1. Let's start with color. What do you like to use to brighten up your space? In the past, many will just add a pop yellow. This year we are looking at misty blues, coral, and dusty blush to add into your color scheme. Some go as far as to paint a bathroom wall or by simply adding in accents through pillows, rugs, and centerpieces. Another option is florals which have taken a huge trend upwards and we aren't talking about your grandmother's floral bathroom wallpaper. You can add simple florals through wall decals or fabrics. Other industry top colors to keep an eye out for are hunter green, lilac gray, and mushroom.  

#2. Plants are always a great way to add spring décor into your home. One of our favorites is the peace lily. This plant will add beautiful florals with a lot of greenery. Tip: for farmhouse style, place in a wooden box for the perfect table centerpiece.

#3. Homemade and natural material pieces add a sense of feeling more in touch with the earth. Woven baskets with natural elements can bring this to any home.

#4. Get organized! Simplifying certain spaces in your home will de-clutter and brighten up any room. Baskets, shelving, and beautiful cabinetry will help modernize and simplify your home.

#5. Finally, coastal textures.  Whether it be the type of wood for your table or creating the white washed, distressed look to your current furniture, this style is continuing from 2018 and is here to stay!


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