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Labor Day Partayyy. 7 Ways to Celebrate in Your Neighborhood

Posted: August, 23, 2016 | Categories: Home Sweet home
Labor Day Party Ideas

While Labor Day is prime time for heading out of town for the last summer hurrah, everyone and their dog often have the same idea. You can still get your last hurrah without leaving the comfort and beauty of home with these seven ways to celebrate Labor Day in your neighborhood.

Throw a block party

Get everyone involved at all stages of the block party process, from the planning to the permits, from the music to the décor. Potlucks with sign-up sheets for different items can have the food covered with a larger variety than 22 bowls of potato chips.

Work together as a neighborhood to plan it, with one main contact that keeps track of all the goings-on.

Throw a backyard barbecue

If a block party seems too overwhelming, scale it down a bit to a backyard barbecue. You can still use the potluck strategy for side dishes, with all folks welcome as long as they bring one along.

Head to the pool one last time

Whether you have a community pool in your neighborhood or a private pool that would make a keen party spot, taking one last dip is one of the most refreshing ways to celebrate Labor Day.

Select foods, games and activities suitable for children as well as adults, and your party is sure to be a real splash.

Hold a neighborhood talent show

Break out the instruments, dance shoes, and twirling batons for a talent show featuring all the neighborhood talent. All ages welcome. Make it even merrier with a special category for talented pets. Pick judges in advance and offer prizes generous enough to lure in talent of all sizes, shapes, and species.

Host a Labor Day art day

If your neighborhood happens to be packed with tons of artistic talent, or even if it doesn’t, a neighborhood art day can be one of the most creative ways to celebrate Labor Day.

Make it an art show where people display their finished pieces in a central location for purchase or trade. Make it a roaming art show where people display their finished pieces at key locations throughout the entire neighborhood.

Another option is to set up an art creation day where neighbors come armed with supplies like paints, markers, and clay to create on-the-spot masterpieces.

Organize one big playdate

Whether it’s with toddlers, tweens, neighborhood pooches or all of the above, invite parents and their kids out to play. Pick a nearby park, central neighborhood location, or sizeable yard. Set up games, contests, a scavenger hunt and any other activities appropriate for those expected to attend.

Plan an outdoor movie screening

Pick a yard that gets nice and dark, set up a movie screen, grab a projector, select a family-friendly movie and you’re good to go. Since you’ll be investing in a screen and projector, you can make the most of your investment by making outdoor movie night a regular feature in your neighborhood.

No matter which of these ways to celebrate Labor Day you choose, you certainly can’t go wrong. That’s because the most important thing is getting the community together to enjoy each other’s company, and any one of these seven ideas is an ideal way to do so.
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