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5 Pool Memories to Pass Along to Your Kids This Summer

Posted: May, 25, 2016 | Categories: Home Sweet home
Swimming Pool

Do your kids practically live in their swimsuits during the summer? This season, move beyond the kiddie pool and sprinkler in the backyard. Head to the local public pool where they can explore pool games for kids with other children from the neighborhood and make lasting memories.

Playing Marco Polo

Summer isn't summer without a game of Marco Polo. To play this tag-like game in the water, designate someone as "it". Then ask them to close their eyes and call out "Marco". The other players will then respond with "Polo". The "it" person tries to swim up to one of the children (still with eyes closed) who called out "Polo" and tag them so they become "it". This is a great way for the kids to burn off energy and meet new friends. The more the merrier!

Taking the Plunge

Spending a summer at the pool helps kids face new adventures head-on. Will this be the summer they finally try the diving board? Or, what about the super high-dive that only the most fearless tackle? Does the public pool have a slide or climbing wall? Encourage your child to try a new activity and conquer their fears. One of these daredevil options might just become their favorite reason to visit the swimming pool.

Splurging at the Snack Bar

Swimming pool snack bars are brimming with sweet and salty treats that seem to only be savored during the summer. From sticky, drippy ice cream sandwiches and frozen candy bars, to rainbow-colored snow cones and roasted peanuts, don't forget to introduce your little one to these nostalgic summer snacks. As a bonus, you won't have to deal with sticky fingers at home!

Diving for Pennies

Time for a real challenge? Show the kids how tough it is to dive for pennies. Start simple by showing them how to grasp plastic pool rings from the bottom of the pool, then graduate to small shiny pennies. Tip: It's much easier to see the pennies when wearing swim goggles.

Special Beach Towels

Back in the day, you always knew who was at the pool by the beach towels scattered around. Take the kids on a shopping trip to pick out their own special towels featuring cartoon characters or movie icons. When they get to the pool, they'll instantly bond with other kids who like the same things.

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