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Dads, You Know You've Made It When....

Posted: June, 20, 2016 | Categories: Home Sweet home
Grill outside

Success can be measured in many ways.

Your spiritual development.

The love in your life.

Or how many goodies you have stocked in and around your ideal home.

Dads, check out eight different signs you’ve hit the big time, as you’ve truly made it when these things are at your disposal.

A Man Cave

Whether yours features a fully stocked, full-oak bar, three different chin-up bars, or a bar across the door to which only you have a padlock, your very own home has a room that’s all yours. It’s your heavenly haven where you can do what you please, at least until dinner time.

A Big Backyard (with a Grill)

When you’re done chilling inside your man cave, you can always head outside to your spacious, spectacular sprawling backyard. Here you can lounge on the lawn, kick soccer balls with the kids, or fire up your grill for some scrumptious fixings that dads who made it know how to make.

Grilling Skills that Go Beyond Hot Dogs

Yes, you can still hook up your favorite beer-soaked grilled chicken. But you’ve advanced enough to also master dishes like the delicate grilled shrimp and lemon kebabs and hearty grilled steak drizzled in captivating caper sauce.

Even better? You actually know what capers are.

A Big Backyard (with a Maintenance Guy)

Remember that spacious, spectacular sprawling backyard with the lawn? Well, dads who made it also have lots of shady trees, inviting shrubbery and a dashing deck you designed yourself. They also have a maintenance guy who takes care of all the backyard jazz so you don’t have to.

A Pool that’s Not Made of Blue Plastic

Your spectacular backyard includes a pool, of course, a prime place to hang out solo on your favorite raft or splash around with the wife and kids. Kids particularly enjoy diving for pennies, pool noodle jousting or other rollicking pool games and activities. Wives particularly enjoy being splashed by a family-wide cannonball dive contest.

A Two-Car Garage

Not a one-car garage. 

Not a carport. 

Not a tree that gives your car shade but also peppers it with bird droppings. Nope. Dads who made it have a bona fide two-car garage. With an automatic garage door opener and everything!

Two Cars to Put in the Garage

While your two-car garage provides plenty of storage space or a place for you kids to hang out once they hit their teenage years, it’s much more fun to actually use the two-car (or three!) garage for, well, two cars. One can be an SUV to haul the kids around to soccer practice and such. But the other can be something sweet, sporty and swift. Anyone for an Audi R8?

Your Own Tool Shed

Another reason you don’t need your garage for storage is because, like all dads who made it, you already have your very own tool shed. And it’s packed to the rafters with the coolest power tools.

While your shed, garage, pool, tools, man cave, grill and big backyard definitely indicate you’ve made it on a material level, don’t forget another level of success that comes from the undying love of your family. And guys, we promise it only grows deeper each time you expose your wife to the splashing of a family-wide cannonball dive contest.
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